Ultraguard Installations

Ultraguard Antifouling systems have been installed on a variety of vessels to protect hulls, box coolers, and sea chests.


“We have installed the MGPS Ltd ultrasonic antifouling system with four transducers ( 2 x 100w and 2 x 120w). This was installed 11 months ago and we have had no issues at all. We are very much looking forward to seeing the results during the next in water survey.”

– Vessel Superintendent, DOF (UK) Ltd.


“Last year MGPS ltd fitted one of their ultrasonic antifouling systems to the sea chests of the Corran. We were really happy with the results when the vessel came out the water again this year, so we have now fitted an Ultraguard UG-08 to protect the vessel’s coolers as well.”

– Technical Superintendent, Highland Council.

Ultraguard provides a trusted and environmentally-friendly antifouling solutions to ship builders and operators around the world. Some of Ultraguard’s notable installations include:


VesselTypeWhat’s Protected
Scandi CaledoniaOffshore SupplyBox Coolers
CorranRoRo FerrySea Chests, Box Coolers
Endeavour VDemersal TrawlerSea Chests, Box Coolers
BorkumTween Deck CargoSea Chests, SW Pipes, Plate Coolers
LangeoogTween Deck CargoSea Chests, SW Pipes, Plate Coolers
NorderneyTween Deck CargoSea Chests, SW Pipes, Plate Coolers
JuistTween Deck CargoSea Chests, SW Pipes, Plate Coolers
EsbjergTween Deck CargoSea Chests, SW Pipes, Plate Coolers
Western VikingPelagic Fishing VesselBox Coolers
Michael Crombie McCallFast Offshore SupplyHull Plating
Emily Day McCallFast Offshore SupplyHull Plating
Captain Elliot McCallFast Offshore SupplyHull Plating
Mr Steven McCallFast Offshore SupplyHull Plating
Seacor PumaFast Offshore SupplyHull Plating
Seacor PantherFast Offshore SupplyHull Plating
Ocean ChallengeDemersal TrawlerSea Chests, Box Coolers
CastorIce Class TugHull / Box Coolers
ER78ASD TugBox Coolers
ER95ASD TugBox Coolers
ER97ASD TugBox Coolers
ER99ASD TugBox Coolers
ER100ASD TugBox Coolers

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