Ultraguard Antifouling

Biofouling System for CTV/CAT


Designed specifically for commercial vessels as an environmentally friendly solution for preventing marine growth, mussels, and barnacles. Used on CTV/CAT ships around the world.

  • 100% Eco-Friendly & Safe for Marine Life
  • Easy to Retro-Fit & Install
  • Low Power Consumption
  • No Consumables
  • Reduce Biofouling
  • Reduce Operating Costs & Fuel Consumption
  • Made in the UK & 2 Year Warranty

See how it works and learn more about Ultraguard Antifouling below.

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How it Works

Ultraguard Antifouling is the World’s premier biofouling prevention system. The International Maritime Organization (IMO) consider biofouling as one of the main vectors for bio-invasions and is described as the undesirable accumulation of microorganisms, plants, algae, and animals on submerged structures, especially on ships’ hulls.

Biofouling isn’t just a source of invasive species though. By causing excess drag on hulls it makes vessels less efficient causing and increase in greenhouse gas emissions. By blocking sea chests, seawater pipes and coolers it causes expensive damage to machinery. All of this is also very expensive to remove. It often requires the vessel to be drydocked or divers to dive on the hull. We believe that prevention is better than cure.

Ultraguard uses ultrasound to create high frequency vibrations that prevent the larvae and spores that create marine growth from being able to attach themselves to the protected surface. Ultraguard can be used to protect vessel hulls, sea chests, seawater piping, and coolers from biofouling.

The seas and waterways contain a suspended microbiome of larvae and seed which will become marine growth.

To colonize and grow, these larvae require the correct conditions. Sunlight, salinity, water current, and temperature are all required to be at optimum levels.

If all the criteria are correct and there is a suitable stable surface to attach themselves to, the larvae will colonize that surface and start to develop into marine growth.

Ultraguard Antifouling uses pulses of ultrasonic sound at specific frequencies to induce a resonance response in the surface to be protected. This causes the surface to vibrate.

By causing the protected surface to vibrate slightly at the correct frequencies, Ultraguard creates a sub optimal environment, which, prevents the larvae from attaching to and colonizing the surface.

Keeping a ship’s hull free of marine growth in this manner drastically reduces drag on the hull. This reduces fuel consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately reduces the vessel’s operating costs.

Learn more about how Ultrasonic Antifouling works

See the technology behind ultrasonic antifouling.

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Clean Ships, Clean Seas

Ultraguard is a high-quality ultrasonic antifouling system (UAS) that offers the commercial and recreational markets a more sustainable, ecologically-friendly, and effective solution to managing marine growth. Ultraguard is designed and manufactured in Scotland, ensuring the highest quality workmanship and is covered by a 2-year warranty against defects and component failures.

An alternative to hull cleaning and scraping, Ultraguard keeps your hull and other important components clean and free from marine growth. Marine growth increases drag and fuel consumption, which increases operating costs and negatively impacts the environment. Antifouling bottom paint is a known pollutant and the cost to maintain it can be substantial. Furthermore, it is nearly impossible to control marine growth in sea chests and box coolers, which can result in decreased performance of your vessel. Not only will an Ultraguard Antifouling System reduce your operating costs, it is also better for the environment and marine life.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Ultraguard work?

Yes. The principles of ultrasonic antifouling are well established. Ultraguard has refined these and built them into a system suitable for the commercial marine market. Ultrasonic Antifouling Systems (UAS) work just as well as other modern forms of antifouling.


Do I have to dry dock my ship to fit Ultraguard?

No. Ultraguard antifouling systems can be fitted whilst the vessel is afloat. There’s usually no cutting or penetrations required. All the components are fitted on the dry side of the hull, coolers or pipework.


Is Ultraguard environmentally friendly?

Yes. 100%. Ultraguard emits no pollutants into the marine eco system. Even our packaging is eco-friendly.


How much does ultrasonic antifouling cost?

Each Ultraguard antifouling system is custom specified to each individual vessel or structure so each installation has a different cost. What we can say is that fitting an Ultraguard system to your vessel costs less than the alternatives and will save you a considerable sum over the vessel’s lifetime. We recommend you speak to one of our dealers or agents who can walk you through the process and give you an idea of costs.


Does Ultraguard adversely affect marine mammals?

No. We do ongoing testing to ensure that the ultrasonic sound waves are not at a frequency or pressure that adversely affects whales and dolphins.


Can I fit Ultraguard myself?

Yes. Many of our customers choose to have the Ship’s crew fit the system. We provide full instructions, including videos, to all customers.


Will ultrasonic antifouling work on my vessel?

Ultraguard will work on any solid metal or composite hull, pipe or component. It does not work on wooden hulls. If your vessel has a foam or wood cored GRP sandwich construction, then a section of the inner skin and core needs to be removed and the gap built up with solid GRP to enable the transducer to emit ultrasonic waves to the outer shell.


Do I still need to use antifouling paint if I fit Ultraguard?

You will still need to protect the hull with a suitable protective coating. Ultrasonic Antifouling doesn’t protect against metallic corrosion or GRP osmosis. We would always recommend a non-biocidal coating on environmental grounds. Ultraguard can extend the lifespan of underwater coatings by keeping them free from growth.


Does Ultraguard Antifouling come with a warranty?

Yes. All Ultraguard products come with a two year warranty against defects or component failures.


Where is Ultraguard Antifouling made?

Ultraguard is designed and manufactured in the Central Belt of Scotland with components mostly sourced from around the UK and Europe.

See Ultraguard Antifouling in Action

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