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Master Series by Ultraguard

Master Series by Ultraguard is an antifouling System that uses ultrasonic sound waves to prevent marine growth and keep your boat hull clean. Environmentally friendly, safe for the marine ecosystem, and easy to install.

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We are official distributors of high-quality marine products for the USA and Canada. We work directly with manufacturers to bring you revolutionary marine technology.

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We partner with manufacturers of innovative products that are changing the marine industry to be more efficient, environmentally friendly, and technologically advanced.

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Our product line includes solutions for boats of all sizes including power boats, sailboats, and commercial vessels. If it floats, we have unique products and solutions for you.

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“Great product! Keeps my hull clean and I don’t have the headache or cost of hauling it out and bottom painting.”

— David S.

Purchased Ultraguard Antifouling System, January 2021

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